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How to Make Friends in ‘Friends of Mineral Town’

Friendship Points (FP) and Love Points (LP)

In Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, your relationships are based on your interactions with villagers, nature sprites, livestock, and pets. There are two measurements that will rank your relationships: Friendship Points (FP) and Love Points (LP).

To see your current relationship status, open the main menu by using the X Button on your Nintendo Switch controller, and then tab over to the Relationships Menu using the shoulder buttons. You can see your relationship with the villagers, nature sprites, livestock on your farm, and your pets.

What Are Friendship Points?

Befriend Villagers Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town

Friendship Points (FP) relates to how friendly you are with the villagers. Every villager who isn’t a bachelor/bachelorette will have a friendship relationship with you. Your current friendship with a villager is documented by the number of filled-in music note icons next to their portrait in the Villager Relationship menu. Each friendship music note represents 25 FP, with 10 friendship notes indicating 250 FP. There is a maximum of 250 FP you can have with each villager.

What Are Love Points?

One of the many objectives in Friends of Mineral Town is marriage, and Love Points (LP) correlates to how the marriage candidates perceive you in terms of romance. This is noted by heart markers below the music notes on the Villager Relationship menu, and when you talk to a bachelor/bachelorette, they will have a heart next to their character display picture.

gray orange heart

The Friends of Mineral Town remake has same-sex marriage now, so all marriage candidates have LP, though some candidates have invisible hearts meant to add to the challenge of wooing them. The hidden marriage candidates are the Harvest Goddess, Huang, Chef Gourmet, and Kappa.

Each colored heart represents 10,000 LP. Your farm animals and pets also have LP, with their heart markers displayed in the Livestock Relationship or Pet Relationship menu. Each animal heart marker is 25 LP, with a maximum of 250 LP per animal.

pet affection

Marriage Candidates and LP

To raise the affection of the marriage candidates, you must give them gifts, and they especially love gifts that are given on their birthday. You can also lose LP if you give disliked gifts. If you don’t talk to a person for a day, there is a 10% chance that you could lose 200 LP. This doesn’t impact Kai while he is out of town. It will affect Kai when he is around and accessible to you during the summer.

Participating in romantic or random events can cause a loss of FP/LP if you choose a poor response during the event, typically -10 FP and/or -2000 LP. Again, it’s easy enough to recover by giving positive FP/LP gifts. Unlike the GBA game, there isn’t a way to throw anything onto the ground to decrease FP/LP. Littering isn’t possible in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, so the only real way to lose FP/LP is by neglecting to speak to villagers on a semi-regular basis.

LP evolves from Gray Heart > Purple Heart > Blue Heart > Green Heart > Yellow Heart > Orange Heart > Red Heart.

  • Blue Heart (20,000 LP) — allows player to trigger all friendship events.
  • Green Heart (30,000 LP) — allows player to confess with Eternal Flower and become lovers.
  • Orange Heart (50,000 LP) — allows player to trigger lover events after a successful confession.
  • Red Heart (60,000 LP) — allows player to propose using a Blue Feather.

For more information on livestock affection, I have a handy-dandy guide here.

Visual Chart FP + LP

Gift Type Normal Birthday
Favorites +800 LP, +9 FP +4000 LP, +45 FP
Loved +500 LP, +9 FP +2500 LP, +45 FP
Liked +300 LP, +3 FP +1500 LP, +15 FP
Neutral +100 LP, +1 FP +500 LP, +5 FP
Disliked -500 LP, -3 FP -500 LP, -3 FP
Hated -800 LP, -9 FP -4000 LP, -45 FP

Easy Ways to Raise FP and LP

By gift-wrapping a villager’s birthday gift at Jeff’s Supermarket, you can boost the LP and FP you receive by 25%. The gift wrap will cost 100 G.

Another way to increase your relationships is by participating in town festivals that take placed in Rose Plaza and Mineral Beach—simply talk to the villager at the festival. The festivals will be marked on your calendar and announced on the News channel on the TV in your home. In the remake, villagers will sometimes let you know when a festival is approaching, too.

gotts festival

By talking with the villagers at the town festivals, you’ll earn +5 FP with the villagers who are attending the festival, and then another +20 FP for claiming victory in the contest.

Why Does It Matter?

Friends of Mineral Town

Befriending villagers in Friends of Mineral Town will greatly benefit you in many different ways, and now that recipes are locked behind the cookbook, you’ll need to make several friends to learn them all. Plus, if a villager likes you, you will experience random events with the villagers, and receive special gifts from them.

There are several other benefits, including Anna’s Cooking Class, Harvest Goddess gifts, and special events such as the Nature Sprite Tea Party.


Generally, giving a villager a gift will help to increase your relationship with them. On the villager’s birthday, there is an opportunity to really boost your LP (for marriage candidates) and FP (for everybody else). A gift given to the person on their birthday will be worth 5x as many points as the gift would be worth on any other day of the year. Once you’ve introduced yourself to a villager, their birthday date will appear on your calendar next to the bed in your home.

Lillia Birthday

You can only give one gift on a villager’s birthday, so make it count by giving them a favorite/loved gift to boost their FP or LP by 4,000 points (look at the visual chart above). Remember, you can also wrap your gifts at Jeff’s Supermarket for 100 G per wrapped item. A wrapped gift will earn an additional 25% LP/FP.

If you aren’t sure if the villager likes the gift you want to give, save your game before giving the item so you can reload your save game and recover in case the gift results in a negative FP/LP hit. Remember that only marriage candidates have a favorite level of gift, meaning regular villagers might require a little more effort, even if you know their most-liked gifts. Marriage candidates also have alternative birthdays to ensure that players don’t share the same birthday as the marriage candidates.

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