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Getting Married In ‘Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town’

The relationship with Bachelors and Bachelorettes in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town has been slightly revamped, and works differently in the remake. Both Bachelors and Bachelorettes will have two bars shown in the villager list, where a music note will represent your Friendship Points (FP), while the heart’s will represent Love Points (LP).

There are four “hidden” candidates: the Harvest Goddess, Kappa, Huang, and Gourmet; and you cannot view their LP in the Relationship menu. After you’ve given the Harvest Goddess 20 gifts, she will ask who you like. If you want to marry the Harvest Goddess, you must respond with “Harvest Goddess”. And if you want to marry one of the other special candidates, you must choose their name—it’s a requirement, I don’t make the rules.

If you admit to her that you’re interested in Kappa, then you can’t marry the Goddess; likewise if you pick the Goddess, then you can’t marry Kappa. Other than that small caveat, you can woo all available candidates and marry one of them, regardless of the gender of your farmer.

To get married, you’ll need to:

  • Raise your love level to a red heart color (60,000 LP)
  • See the candidate’s heart events
  • Remodel your house to a large size
  • Buy the Large Bed
  • Give the Blue Feather to propose marriage
    NOTE NONE of the candidates will help you with running your farm or grant you shop discounts. Most of them will live with you after marriage, and all of them produce the same style of child. Special candidates Goddess and Kappa do not move in with you after marriage, but Huang will return home in the evening, and Gourmet will stay home on specific days of each season.

For extra fun, check out the Game Achievements list in your bookshelf—if you successfully confess to all marriage candidates, you will receive the “I Choose You!” game achievement. Game achievements can be found at the Bookshelf in your farmhouse.

About Heart Colors

For all Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town candidates, you’ll start by raising your Love Points (LP) with them, and Friendship Points (FP) comes second. This involves giving them gifts, and they especially love gifts that are given on their birthday. You can also lose LP if you give disliked gifts. If you don’t talk to a person for a day, there is a 10% chance that you could lose 200 LP.

As usual, love points evolves from Gray Heart > Purple Heart > Blue Heart > Green Heart > Yellow Heart > Orange Heart > Red Heart.

  • Gray Heart (0 to 9,999 LP)
  • Purple Heart (10,000 LP)
  • Blue Heart (20,000 LP) — allows player to trigger all friendship events
  • Green Heart (30,000 LP) — allows player to confess with Eternal Flower and become lovers.
  • Yellow Heart (40,000 LP)
  • Orange Heart (50,000 LP) — allows player to trigger lover events after a successful confession.
  • Red Heart (60,000 LP) — allows player to propose using a Blue Feather.

Heart Events

You can trigger cutscenes, or heart events, with the normal marriage candidates as you raise your LP with the candidates. There are a total of six events with the normal marriage candidates: the four original events from the GBA game and two additional events. You can see more than one heart event per day.

  • Introduction Event (0 LP or higher)
  • Black Heart (5,000 LP or higher)
  • Purple Heart (10,000 LP or higher)
  • Blue Heart (20,000 LP or higher)
  • Yellow Heart (40,000 LP or higher)
  • Orange Heart (50,000 LP or higher)

After the introduction event, the first three events simply require you to raise your Love Points with the candidate and then visit the event location at the correct day and time. You’ll typically earn +3000 LP for responding positively during the heart event. A poor choice during the event can result in -2000 LP, but you can make that back up by giving good gifts.

The Yellow and Orange events require you to confess your intentions to the candidate by giving them a pressed Sunsweet Flower.

The Sunsweet Flower

There is a series of random events that will occur after you see a candidate’s Blue Heart event or during Fall 1 of your first year or later. Exit your farm house between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on a sunny day when it is not a Sunday or Tuesday and Jeff will take you to the Supermarket where Basil is waiting.

story of seasons friends of mineral town sunsweet flower

Three days later, exit your farmhouse on a sunny day between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm to bump into Jeff again. Jeff wants to show you the Preserved Flower that Basil made using the Sunsweet Flower that you had gave to him. As a token of his appreciation, Jeff gives you the first of his Preserved Flower product.

The new Sunsweet Flower  can be bought from Jeff’s Supermarket for 1000 G, and it can also be found growing in the forest space between the Blacksmith Shop and the Inn (there’s a separate Random Event for this if you walk into the Forest area).

By giving the Sunsweet Flower to a Green Heart Bachelor / Bachelorette, you will begin dating. You can confess to however many Bachelor/Bachelorettes as you like.

After the Sunsweet Flower is added to Jeff’s shop inventory, Basil will stop by your farmhouse between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm to let you know that the flower you found was a new species. Basil will hand over one bag of Sunsweet Flower seeds, and they only grow in Autumn.

The Blue Feather

The Blue Feather will be sol din Jeff’s Supermarket once a marriage candidate has an Orange Heart, or higher. You must have first confessed to a marriage candidate with the Sunsweet Flower first.

After you have completed all the other requirements, you can propose marriage. The Blue Feather will be for sale at Jeff’s store for 1000 G. It appears in his store inventory after either:

  1. you have seen the orange heart event with a normal marriage candidate, or
  2. you have reached an orange heart color with a special marriage candidate (as they don’t have the standard heart events).

You can purchase one Blue Feather from Jeff’s shop, and only marry a single candidate. Divorce is not an option in this game. The feather can be stored in the toolbox of your farmhouse.


After you have completed the Large house upgrade, purchased the big bed, have a red-heart color with your chosen mate, and have seen their six romantic heart events (for normies) or completed their pre-marriage challenges (for specials), you can propose marriage. Equip the Blue Feather from the tool section of your rucksack and then use the feather on your chosen candidate. For the Kappa and the Harvest Goddess, use it while standing next to the edge of their watery homes.

  • If your proposal is accepted, you’ll move to your farmhouse for the formal handing over of the feather. After a small speech, your fiance will leave the house.
  • If your proposal is rejected, then you have not yet completed the marriage requirements. The game won’t tell you which of the requirements you missed. Restarting your game is not necessary; simply go back through each step to double check the completion. Feather rejection is oftentimes because there is a missed heart event. You can still see heart events even though your sweetie is at a higher heart color than the minimum level necessary to trigger the heart event.

Your wedding will automatically be scheduled on your farmhouse calendar. The ceremony will take place 7 days after your propose (e.g., if you proposed on a Wednesday, your ceremony will be the following Wednesday). If a festival is scheduled to take place on the same day as your wedding, your ceremony will be moved to the next day. Your wedding can take place on the same day as a villager’s birthday.

The Wedding Day

After a successful proposal, the wedding day will occur 7 days later (Proposal Date + 7 days = Wedding Day). Since the wedding will be a whole day event, do not propose on the day where it will clash with any festival. For instance, proposal on Spring/Autumn 11 will cause you to miss the Horse Racing Festival.

Note: It is entirely possible for same-sex marriage to have child later on.

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