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Power Berries In ‘Friends of Mineral Town’

In Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, you will come across “Power Berries” that will increase your overall stamina. There are a total of 10 berries hidden throughout Mineral Town. The amount of stamina you have is located on the upper-right of your screen, displayed as little berries that will deplete over time as you use your farm tools. If your bar reaches zero, your character will pass out and will be carried to the clinic. Every time your body is dragged off to the Clinc, you will lose a trivial amount of FP and LP with Doctor. It’s an incredibly small amount though; you definitely won’t notice.

Bear in mind, some of these can be spoiler-y. If you’re looking for a clean experience, this guide may not be right for you. Happy farming!

NOTE: Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a remake of the 2003 GBA release Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. You can read more about the company’s rebranding here.

What Are Power Berries?

You will start the game with 150 points of stamina (10 power berries), and you can increase your total stamina by locating more power berries. There are 10 hidden power berries that add a total of 150 additional stamina points.

Special Blue Power Berry

special blue power berry

There is a unique power berry that doesn’t add to your strength points, but it does benefit your overall stamina. To acquire this berry, toss a cucumber (grown in spring) into the lake water on Mother’s Hill for a total of 10 days. Each time you throw a cucumber, the mysterious Kappa will appear and give you a look of annoyance. On the 10th day that you’ve tossed a cucumber into his lake water, Kappa will give you this special blue-colored power berry with the hope that you’ll leave him alone.

The purpose of the berry is to reduce the amount of fatigue that you accumulate by half. Usually when you use tools in certain situations, you’ll add points to your fatigue. For example, using a tool outside when it is raining will add +1 fatigue point to your overall fatigue. This special berry will cut that by 50%, allowing you to conserve your fatigue and work for longer before reaching 100 fatigue and passing out.

Power Berry No. 1

power berry crop field

This power berry is somewhere in your crop field—you’ll have to use your hoe and dig for it. It’s entirely random, and cannot be save/loaded. If you save your game and find the power berry but load your save file, the power berry will appear randomly elsewhere on the crop field. Unfortunately, this will take a lot of stamina, so frequent trips to the hot springs might be necessary if you haven’t prepared food/edibles in advance.

Power Berry No. 2

Harvest Goddess Power Berry

This power berry can be received by gifting the Harvest Goddess 10 total gifts at her pond next to the mines.

Power Berry No. 3

Power Berry Horse Race Festival

During the Spring Horse Race and the Autumn Horse Race, you can exchange 900 Medals at the Horse Festival to Mayor Thomas to receive this power berry. If you’ve cared for your pony, Mugi will let you keep it, and you enter the races in your 2nd year.

Power Berry No. 4

story of seasons friends of mineral town win horse race

This power berry is received by winning a horse race at the Horse Festival. To enter a horse race, you must nurture and raise the foal that Mugi gives you. After a year has passed, Mugi will visit your farm and check on the progress. My horse was at 8 ❤️’s when I won the horse race, in summer year 2.

Power Berry No. 5

power berry winter mine

When winter comes, go to the lake and walk behind the winter mine and press “A”. Your character will pick up a power berry hidden behind the mine.

Power Berry No. 6

Power Berry Lake Mine

There is also a power berry hidden in the dirt on floor 19 of the lake mine. This mine is located in the middle of the lake on Mother’s Hill. This mine can be reached during winter when you can walk across the frozen lake water to the mine’s entrance. The other way to reach this mine is to obtain the travel stone (it’s just as overpowered as you might think it is! lol) on the 255th floor of the spring mine once you are in year 3 or later. The travel stone allows you to warp yourself to the lake mine all year long.

Power Berry No. 7

This power berry is found by reaching 100 of the spring mine, located next to the Harvest Goddess pond.

Power Berry No. 8

By entering the Beach Day competition with your pet, you will receive this power berry.

Power Berry No. 9

Upgrade your Fishing Rod to mythril (level five) and during winter only, cast the line in the water while powering the tool up. After a few tries, you’ll fish up this power berry. To quickly upgrade your fishing rod, stand in Dudley’s Inn and cast the fishing rod over and over. If your stamina hits a low, just purchase some food, and keep reeling.

Power Berry No. 10

Power Berries Friends of Mineral Town

The general store in Mineral Town sells a variety of goods, including a power berry. The berry costs 10,000 G. It appears in the store after you upgrade your farmhouse to the largest size and you purchase the rug and the big bed from Gotts’ store.

In the original Gameboy Advance version (2003), this berry was featured on the TV Shopping channel that only aired on Saturday’s. An item would be announced for sell, and you’d travel to the Inn to make a call that cost 10 G, and the item would arrive between 2-3 days (excluding holidays). Since that channel isn’t available on the television in the Switch remake, the berry was moved to Jeff’s store.

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