Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town

A Compilation of Changes In The ‘Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town’ Remake

For better or for worse.

Because Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a remake, there are a tumultuous amount of changes that have been made.

  1. The game now auto-saves at the start of the day.
  2. There are 8 save files on the Nintendo Switch version.
  3. Villager sprites and the overall art-style has been re-designed.
  4. Birthdays can now be viewed on the calendar in your home.
  5. Resident Friendship Points (FP) and Love Points (LP) can now be viewed in the main menu under “Relationships”.
  6. You begin the game with Four Tool Slots and Eight Item Slots. In Friends of Mineral town, you started the game with Three Tool Slots and Three Item Slots.
  7. Items stack up to nine now.
  8. The Basket has been removed since items can now be stacked.
  9. A Cabinet (like the Shelf from Friends of Mineral Town) is included in your home at the beginning of the game. Material, such as Wood and Stone, can be stored in the Cabinet.
  10. New Clothing options.
  11. You can grow a variety of fruit trees on your farm, and the fruit will grow during different seasons.
  12. The “Gold Lumber Event” has been removed (if you place it on your farm).  However, Thomas will still show up Winter 2nd for the request and he will still reward the player with Gold Lumber.
  13. Rival marriages have been removed.
  14. Crops now have a Star Quality Ranking. Additionally, there are new crops such as Soybean and Chili Pepper.
  15. New farm animals & pet options. The new Strawberry Cow, Coffee Cow, and Fruit Cow are 10,000 G.
  16. The player can now walk over crops, thus eliminating the 8-tile watering method.
  17. The Mine has been made easier with a pitfall/elevator system. To unlock the elevator, you must give the Harvest Goddess 120 gifts.
  18. Breeding your livestock can increase the number of hearts, leading to higher quality produce.
  19. “Grass seeds” are now planted as grass plots and will multiply/expand across your crop field.
  20. Some of the Shippable Item prices have went down significantly.
    The most noticeable change was made to the colored grasses. In the original game, Blue Grass is 100 G and in the Remake Blue Grass is 30 G. Milk and Wool prices have significantly increased in the remake. Small Wool was 100 G, and is now 400 G. Small Yarn was 300 G and is now 530 G.
    NOTE: Using a Scythe on your crops can sometimes yield colored grasses, maybe that’s why the price is lower.
  21. You can no longer accidentally throw items. In Friends of Mineral Town, the Squid could be caught by tossing a small fish into the ocean before casting your Fishing Rod. Since the Switch edition doesn’t permit players to accidentally toss objects, the criteria has changed.
  22. A new park area in town + a new area connecting the mine area to the lake area.
  23. Same-sex marriage + 2 new heart events for each marriage candidate.
  24. A few additional recipes have been added. Friends of Mineral Town had 108 recipes. The remake has 120. The Chocolate Cake recipe has been removed.
    NOTE: Sos:FoMT does not permit experimental cooking like in the GBA game, where you could combine a random assortment of ingredients and hope it doesn’t result in a burnt dish. If you looked up a recipe on Google and you had the necessary ingredients, you could make the dish without ever being taught the recipe. In fact, you can’t even make a failed dish in this new version of the series. You must know the recipe to cook the meal. There are a total of 120 cooking recipes to collect. Also, you do not need to own the kitchen to learn recipes! Any recipe you learn before your kitchen is installed will still be saved to your personal cookbook.
  25. There is no longer a T.V. Shopping channel. Utensils for the kitchen are sold at Jeff’s store in a non-random order.
  26. There are 35 new in-game achievements.
  27. Heroine/Farmer Points have changed. In Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town (the girl version of the game), players could collect achievement rings that would count toward earning Heroine Points. These 7 rings are also in the remake, but they count towards earning Farmer Points instead.
  28. New Difficulty Modes. In both modes, there is a small patch of fodder grass in the southeast corner that will spread on its own.
    Simple Mode: Start the game with 2500 G; There are 9 Turnips in the field ready to be harvested, and 9 more that have sprouted; Shipping items will earn an extra 20% profit; Giving gifts will earn 20% more friendship points (FP), but not 20% more love points (LP)
    Normal mode: Players begin with 500 G and no Turnips growing in the field.
  29. House Upgrades have changed slightly.
    The first house upgrade
    Remake: 3000 G – 150 Lumber – 50 Stone – 3 Days to Finish
    Original: 3000 G – 200 Wood – 3 Days to Finish
    NOTE: It doesn’t look like the Chicken Coop or Barn upgrades have changed, and the Town Villa is still 100,000,000 G.
  30. The Harvest Goddess mini-game that appeared on your TV Spring 1-5 has been removed.

Image Credits: Story of Seasons


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