• Final Fantasy XIV Hero

    You Should Be Playing ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ And Here’s Why

    Let it be known that Final Fantasy XIV bombed hard in its 2010 initial release. Not the game play itself, but everything else wrapped around the game was broken beyond recognition. Just to be clear, flowerpots weren’t the only cause of the server crashing; the developers failed adapt to changing trends in game design, opted to focus on graphics quality, and ultimately failed to realize in the process that their game would just not be fun to play. Their Beta testers knew about these issues for months, and they still released without fixing anything even slightly. Honestly the game play by itself was also broken. Your normal attack was an…

  • Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town

    A Compilation Of Changes In The ‘Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town’ Remake

    Because Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a remake, there are a tumultuous amount of changes that have been made. I’ve been watching streams and comparing any differences I see so you don’t have to! This list looks really ugly and plain right now, but I’ll come back and update when I have more information. The game now auto-saves at the start of the day. Villager sprites and the overall art-style has been re-designed. Birthdays can now be viewed on the calendar in your home. Resident Friendship Points (FP) and Love Points (LP) can now be viewed in the main menu. You begin the game with Four Tool…

  • story of seasons friends of mineral town

    5 Worst Changes In the ‘Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town’ Remake

    After the announcement of the Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town remake, I became increasingly curious of what changes, if any, would come to the remake. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (and the female version of the game) holds a very special place in my heart, as do most other games in the franchise, so I’ve decided to be whiny and petty and write an article about how discoverable they’ve made this remake, and how much easier it’s become. 5. More inventory space Remember when I complained about how I would go crazy if they gave us three inventory slots again? They didn’t, but I’m still not happy…

  • Harvest Moon franchise

    ‘Harvest Moon DS’ Tips & Tricks

    In anticipation of the Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town remake, I dusted off an old game of the series, Harvest Moon DS, and I’ve decided to share a few tips/tricks. Most of these do not work with the female version Harvest Moon DS Cute. 1 Million Gold Tip Before your first year is over, you can make over a million gold by using this trick. You’ll need a few water harvest sprites to do this (I had 3). Any easy way to unlock your first water sprite is by fishing in the watering pond next to your Horse Shed. After you receive the fishing pole from Galen, catch…

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake

    My Take On The ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake

    I’m a pretty big fan of Final Fantasy franchise; a Final Fantasy apologist, if you will. Seriously, I’ve played too many to count. The amount of merchandise I have is embarrassing. So, when the Remake was released, and it appeared to be a Retelling instead of the Remaster of the game I was hoping for, I was greatly dismayed and admittedly enraged. This was a game I had intended to sit down and play with my boyfriend, who had never played Final Fantasy VII (or any Final Fantasy game). It was scheduled to release on our anniversary and it was pushed back to due to the COVID pandemic, but we were…

  • Harvest Moon franchise

    ‘Harvest Moon’ Isn’t The Same Game You Grew Up With

    A lot has happened since Natsume split from original developer Marvelous Interactive to create their own games under the Harvest Moon moniker – it was a major turning point at the beginning of Harvest Moon‘s 20th Anniversary. In Japan, Marvelous held the license to what roughly translates from Bokujo Monogatari to “Ranch Story”. Natsume localized the Bokujo Monogatari games as Harvest Moon until 2014. Though the company retains the rights to the title, Marvelous has partnered with XSeed games to localize the franchise’s games instead. To make matters more confusing, in 2014 Marvelous announced that their in-house publisher XSeed games would be localizing and publishing the Bokujo Monogatari series in…

  • Games

    ‘Sims 4: Discover University’ New Features + Review

    I had really high expectations for this pack, as did the rest of the Sims community. I think from the day of it’s initial image leak (September, 2019), I had a really good feeling about the release of this pack. I was prepared to feel disappointed but shocked to say that I wasn’t actually disappointed by this pack. There are definitely some issues that I am going to mention but overall I’d say it’s worth the $40. CAS/Build & Buy Items I think that every pack shows that the hair textures in particular are getting better and better. I generally feel like they moved from a more stylized look to…

  • Why I Quit 'League of Legends' 7

    Why I Quit ‘League of Legends’

    When it comes to mental health, you really shouldn’t mess around. Playing League of Legends is the biggest waste of time ever known to man. I think a lot of eSports gamers and fans start in the community by aspiring to be in the Pro Leagues – they spend hours upon hours invested in this game (and there are others: Dota2, Overwatch, Fortnite) only to end up resenting the community, quitting, and coming back again; it’s a vicious cycle and I’ve seen many succumb to it. Hell, I’ve met players that dropped out of college (in fact, someone I played with argued with his parents about going to college because…

  • Games

    ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Hard Mode Clear

    At 59:16 hours of game play, I finally did it – I beat Edelgard’s story on hard mode classic in “Fire Emblem Three Houses” a month after the release. It took several tries (11, to be exact) but I managed to make it to the end without losing a single unit; recruits included. Note: let it be known that Nintendo quoted 80 hours of game play for each story! Overall, I learned a lot (I definitely should have recruited more while I had the chance.) I didn’t realize how important recruits were until it was too late. If you read a little further below, you’ll see that I ended up…