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    My Take On The ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake

    I’m a pretty big fan of Final Fantasy franchise; a Final Fantasy apologist, if you will. Seriously, I’ve played too many to count. The amount of merchandise I have is embarrassing. So, when the Remake was released, and it appeared to be a Retelling instead of the Remaster of the game I was hoping for, I was greatly dismayed and admittedly enraged. This was a game I had intended to sit down and play with my boyfriend, who had never played Final Fantasy VII (or any Final Fantasy game). It was scheduled to release on our anniversary and it was pushed back to due to the COVID pandemic, but we were…

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    ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Hard Mode Clear

    At 59:16 hours of game play, I finally did it – I beat Edelgard’s story on hard mode classic in “Fire Emblem Three Houses” a month after the release. It took several tries (11, to be exact) but I managed to make it to the end without losing a single unit; recruits included. Note: let it be known that Nintendo quoted 80 hours of game play for each story! Overall, I learned a lot (I definitely should have recruited more while I had the chance.) I didn’t realize how important recruits were until it was too late. If you read a little further below, you’ll see that I ended up…

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    I Purchased ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ (…and boy am I impressed)

    “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” has launched on Switch, and to the surprise of many, it’s pulling in very, very good reviews (with an OpenCritic score of 88), with many praising it as a big leap forward for the series. I’ve played games in the franchise since “Fire Emblem” was released on the GameBody (remember Eliwood, Lin, and Hector?) and I gotta say, this game has came a long way. I had just about lost hope when I picked up “Fire Emblem: Awakening” (“Fates” was awful, too) and several fans will agree that this is the best game thus far (well, besides the classics, anyway). First things first, I delved in to…