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    Video Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2021

    The year of COVID-19 was a particularly long, rough year for all of us, including the video game industry. A lot of releases were pushed back (and for good reason!), and even with the release of the new PlayStation V and the Xbox Series X, there just wasn’t a lot of positive and uplifting news for video games. A lot of developers had to adjust to new stay at home orders, and in turn this either broke some games, or encouraged developers to take the time to make games even better before release. But with New Years just around the corner, it’s time to take a look forward into the…

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    ‘Sims 4: Discover University’ New Features + Review

    I had really high expectations for this pack, as did the rest of the Sims community. I think from the day of it’s initial image leak (September, 2019), I had a really good feeling about the release of this pack. I was prepared to feel disappointed but shocked to say that I wasn’t actually disappointed by this pack. There are definitely some issues that I am going to mention but overall I’d say it’s worth the $40. CAS/Build & Buy Items I think that every pack shows that the hair textures in particular are getting better and better. I generally feel like they moved from a more stylized look to…