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    You Should Be Playing ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ And Here’s Why

    Let it be known that Final Fantasy XIV bombed hard in its 2010 initial release. Not the game play itself, but everything else wrapped around the game was broken beyond recognition. Just to be clear, flowerpots weren’t the only cause of the server crashing; the developers failed adapt to changing trends in game design, opted to focus on graphics quality, and ultimately failed to realize in the process that their game would just not be fun to play. Their Beta testers knew about these issues for months, and they still released without fixing anything even slightly. Honestly the game play by itself was also broken. Your normal attack was an…

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    I love playing video games. I also love writing and learning to code; that’s when I started pursuing careers outside of my Paralegal position. After I started streaming with my static group in Final Fantasy XIV, I started filing out applications for jobs in the programming/technical writing field, but I quickly realized I needed something more than just a resume in order to beat the competition. I wanted to write again and blogging allows me to dabble in code, so, here we are – the best of both worlds! On this blog you will see video game reviews, ranting about Final Fantasy XIV, some Twitch streams, and even some insights…