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    I Purchased ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ (…and boy am I impressed)

    “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” has launched on Switch, and to the surprise of many, it’s pulling in very, very good reviews (with an OpenCritic score of 88), with many praising it as a big leap forward for the series. I’ve played games in the franchise since “Fire Emblem” was released on the GameBody (remember Eliwood, Lin, and Hector?) and I gotta say, this game has came a long way. I had just about lost hope when I picked up “Fire Emblem: Awakening” (“Fates” was awful, too) and several fans will agree that this is the best game thus far (well, besides the classics, anyway). First things first, I delved in to…

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    About Moonie

    I’ve never been the person to talk about myself but here goes! My earliest memories of video games was in elementary school – all of the cool kids had one of the very first Game Boys and I was jealous. They would sit together during lunch breaks and play Pokemon and I would sigh and whine and go home every night wishing I just had a Game Boy. Life would be so much better if I had a Game Boy. Remember when you were a kid and the week before summer break absolutely nothing happened at school? The teachers would try their best to get a roll call in the…

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    I love playing video games. I also love writing and learning to code; that’s when I started pursuing careers outside of my Paralegal position. After I started streaming with my static group in Final Fantasy XIV, I started filing out applications for jobs in the programming/technical writing field, but I quickly realized I needed something more than just a resume in order to beat the competition. I wanted to write again and blogging allows me to dabble in code, so, here we are – the best of both worlds! On this blog you will see video game reviews, ranting about Final Fantasy XIV, some Twitch streams, and even some insights…